How to Repair a Nail Gun

What You'll Need
Safety Gloves

A nail gun is a very complicated piece of kit that can often be found being used on construction sites and in home improvement projects. The gun delivers nails quickly to the surface of the material being sealed. It is very easy to harm yourself by not taking proper care of your nail gun and its use. The biggest problem with the nail gun is when it malfunctions, as this can make it unpredictable and even dangerous. In order to repair your nail gun you will need to perform some delicate surgery, and if you are not sure that you can manage this procedure, you will need to take your device to a specialist. However, there are some simple everyday repairs that you can perform on your nail gun without too much difficulty.

Step 1 - Remove the Nail Gun Frame

 Before you can start work on the repair of the gun, you will first need to know exactly what is wrong with it. Sometimes, a nail gun can become jammed, such as if it pushes too many nails to the front of the gun at once. This is a relatively easy repair, involving simply opening up the frame and taking out the nail, but if this is a repeated problem, you may have some more serious problems on your hands, such as a difficulty with the timing system that sends the nails up to the gun tip. In order to check out the problem, you will have to unscrew the frame.

Step 2 - Examine the inside

Once the nail frame has been removed, you can easily examine the inside of the nail gun. If there are problems with the gun, try to take out any nails. You can use these to maneuver the parts of the nail gun, being careful not to damage your fingers. Wear safety gloves if you are in any doubt about the safety of the gun. Once inside, look for parts that are not moving freely. If you find that some parts are stiff you may need to use a lubricating oil, such as SAE-10, in order to get the parts working again.

Step 3 - Repair Parts

If you came across any problems while you were looking around you can use pliers to manipulate the parts. You may find that a part of the nail gun is broken, in which case you will need to re-solder it using a soldering iron. Other parts may have been accidentally pushed out of the way by a jam of nails. This can be easily repaired by moving the part again using pliers, or even a nail from the gun if you have no other options. Electrical wiring may also cause some local problems, but you should not be too concerned about fixing this since it can be done, again with solder, by joining the connections back up.