How to Repair a Natural Gas Space Heater

What You'll Need
Damp cloth
Wire brush
Replacement hoses
Air compressor

One great way to warm up your home during cold weather is through a natural gas space heater. It makes use of natural or propane gas, and has the power to heat up an entire room or even a much larger space like the entertainment area of your home. These are popularly used in homes, but these can also be used in other places such as commercial spaces and offices. Sometimes, your heater may experience some problems. Below are the materials that you need along with the instructions on how to repair a natural gas space heater.

Step 1-Clean the Heater Cabin

The cabin of the gas space heater is the central base of the unit. It is important that the cabin is clean. Use a screwdriver to unscrew the front cover of the heater in order to locate the cabin. Make sure you clean it of all sort of dirt, dust, or particles that you find as these will accumulate over time if you do not maintain cleaning for a while. These will also produce an unusual smell. Clean the cabin using a damp cloth and work your way inside the cabin. Do not use household cleaning agents. Some gas heaters have flue pipes that you will need to clean as well.

Step 2-Check for Loose Connections, Holes, and Cracks

Examine the hoses and bands and check if there are any loose connections in your gas space heater. Also keep an eye out for any holes or cracks. Ensure that all connections are tightly attached to the unit in order to prevent any harmful accidents. If you do find any of these holes or cracks, make sure to provide the necessary replacements from the unit’s manufacturer or repair the parts that need fixing. You can also thread the replacement hose yourself as directed on the manufacturer’s manual provided with the heater unit.

Step 3-Examine Blower

Inspect the blower part of the heater unit. The blower of the gas space heater is located through the heater cabin. There should be absolutely nothing inside the blower as these can block the unit from blowing out the heat. You may find dust, dirt, debris, or particles that have accumulated or collected inside the blower. These may seem difficult to get rid of, but with an air compressor, you can use compressed air to blow out the dirt or debris from the blower and enable it to function.

Step 4-Burner Flame

Examine the burner flame from the gas space heater. The burner flame must be even on the surface of the heater unit. If the flames are a yellow color and uneven, this means that there may be something wrong with the gas space heater. Unscrew the bolts of the burner which is located behind the cabinet. Examine it carefully and using a wire brush, remove all soot and dirt that has been accumulated.