How to Repair a Non Electric Water Distiller How to Repair a Non Electric Water Distiller

What You'll Need
Set of Screwdrivers
Descaler Powder
New Charcoal Filter
Clean Charcoal
Dish Soap

Some people use a non-electric water distiller in their home as a way to be eco-friendly. Nonetheless, everything at one point or another will need to be repaired, so here is how to repair your non-electric water distiller.

Step 1: Bring out the Water Distiller

Remove your non-electric water distiller away from storage.

Step 2: Descale

Remove your boiling chamber. Do not forget to take out the floating arm. Fill with boiling water and put a few tablespoons of descaler powder in it. Mix well and allow to it to sit for a few hours.

Step 3: Drain and Scrub

After the few hours have passed, scrub, drain and rinse the boiler well. Dry and determine if you will need to repeat step 2.

If it is clean enough, reattach the boiler and move to step 4.

Step 4: Clean out Charcoal Filter

Remove the canister and empty it out of the old charcoal. You may need to take out the filter first. Fill with hot soapy water and scrub it clean. Rinse well and dry it, then refill it with new charcoal. Then close the canister and run water through it. Keep doing that until it is clear. Then reattach the canister back to the water distiller.



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