How to Repair a Pebble Pool Deck

pebble rock edge of pool
What You'll Need
Concrete cleaning materials like sponge, soap and water
Circular saw
Epoxy concrete filler or Polyurethane
Electric sander or grinder
Crack chaser blade

Pool deck repair is needed immediately once fissures and cracks are visible in your pool. Cracks in the pool deck are necessary to be fixed because it affects the total appearance of the pool as well as the safety of its users.

Summer is about to come and enjoying your pool during these hot days is totally unavoidable. That is why you need to fix its cracks and repair its pebble pool deck at once, and don’t let your kids’ swimming enjoyment be delayed by these simple pool concerns.

Step 1 - Identify the Pool Deck Cracks

crack in concrete

Move around the pool area. Inspect each corner for any possible cracks and fissures at the pool deck area. Take note that as time goes by, pebbles attached at the pool deck’s surface are worn and taken off.

Now, you just need to measure or simply estimate the measurement or size of the pool deck that needs repair. It is important to determine the ample amount of materials needed for the pool deck repair.

Step 2 - Prepare the Cracks to Be Repaired

You need to prepare the crack using a circular saw to broaden its area. The process may appear like a paradox to you, but several small cracks need to be widened to tolerate the bonding or patching agents needed to fully repair and fill it. Next, fasten the chaser blade with the circular saw. You need to insert and work the blade inside the crack. The fissure should end up wide enough in order for the tip of the caulking gun or syringe to be inserted within it. However, the size needs no more than one inch in dimension.

Step 3 - Clean the Work Area

Clean the area where the crack is, because you have to ensure there is no unnecessary grit, dust, or dirt particles left. Once the patching solution is applied to it, dirt and dust will glue to them, instead to the cracked surface of your pool deck. The fissure or crack needs to be clean and dry enough before the pool deck’s repair.

Step 4 - Repair the Pool Deck

mixing epoxy glue

Make use of an industrial strength epoxy filler or polyurethane to fill up the cracks and fissures. Fill it up until the filler is already parallel with the surface of your pool deck. This process requires you to mix the agent with a suitable amount of water. If not, you need to snip off the tube’s tip and then slowly squeeze out the material. Read and abide by the directions provided by the material in order to have the desired result.

Next, allow the product to dry. The time depends on the product used, because nowadays there are some polyurethane fillers available in the market that is already quick-dry, so you simply need 24 hours (minimum) to dry. Read the filler’s label to ensure you allow proper dry time.

Grind or sand away the glue filler material. Make use of an electric sander or grinder. Always grind it slowly until the pool deck’s surface is entirely smooth.

Step 5 - Apply Pebble

Lastly, apply the pebbles on the repaired cracks and fissures of the pool deck’s surface. Just ensure they have the same color and kind of the pebbles to match the pool deck’s entire surface.