How to Repair a Ping Pong Paddle

What You'll Need
Masking tape

In the sport of table tennis or “ping pong”, the major equipment used is the ping pong paddle. The ping pong paddle is used by the players to hit a small bouncing ball. It can not be helped that ping pong paddle during the course of its usage gets broken. Players have the option to make repairs on these equipment themselves to save on repair expenses.

Step 1 - Remove the Rubber Coating

Remove the rubber coating from the blade using a sharp knife. This is an expensive part of the racket so it is best to take it out carefully for it to still be used.

Step 2 - Remove the Fancy Handle

The fancy handle of the paddle should be separated from the main handle. Set these parts aside until its assembly later on making sure that the broken wood grains match when attached.

Step 3 -Trim

The wooden handle should be trimmed so as to fit the ends of the blades. Take out all wood splinters that are sticking out of the blade.

Step 4 - Secure the Handle

Secure the handle to the blade. Glue should be poured on the crack between the handle and the blade. Fully secure the crack with a masking tape. Let it dry for sometime then take out the masking tape carefully.