How to Repair a PVC Drain Line

What You'll Need
PVC sealant
PVC drain pipe
PVC couplings

When there is a leak in the PVC drain pipe it may take you a long time to notice it let alone to try and find it. One tell tale sign that the PVC drain pipe is leaking is by the visible water seeping up through the surface of the yard. The water will flow around the drain pipe but once it fills the area it is occupying the natural direction for the water is the area of less resistance. This will be the top of the yard because during the excavation process you removed all of the roots, stones and weeds that were in the ground. Repairing a PVC drain pipe is not that difficult and the following article will show you how it is done.

Step 1 – Accessing the PVC Drain Pipe

In order to fix the PVC drain pipe you need to be able to expose the pipe. This is, of course, if the damage is not inside the house. If the leak is coming from inside the home then it will be easy to spot. Remember to turn off whatever is providing service to that particular line such as a pool or water from the home. If the damage is internal you can skip to Step 2. Finding where the leak is coming from will be moderately easy as the top of the lawn will be soaking wet and muddy. Use the shovel and begin digging out the wet soil. Continue until you hit the PVC drain pipe. Once you hit the pipe continue digging along the length of the pipe until a large section is exposed. You will be able to find the leak easily this way.

Step 2 – Remove the Damaged Section

Once the PVC drain pipe is exposed and the leak discovered you will need to remove the damaged portion of the pipe. To do this you will be using the hacksaw to remove the section. Try to be as accurate as you can with your cuts as it will be easier to replace if you pay attention to those kinds of details. Once the section is removed you can simply discard it off to the side until you can throw it in the garbage.

Step 3 – Repair the PVC Pipe

The small section of pipe you have is the same size as the pipe that was damaged so you need to connect it using two couplers. On one end of one of the couplers lather the inside of the opening with the sealant using the paintbrush. Do the same with an end of the patch pipe then connect these two ends together until they are tight. Repeat with the other end of the patch pipe and the end of the remaining coupler. Paint sealant on the inside of the couplers and slide it in place over the pipe you cut. Paint sealant around the outside of the pipe. You can then bury the pipe after the sealant has cured.