How to Repair a Radiator Fan Blown Fuse

What You'll Need
Electronic tester
Pipe cleaners
Ratchet and sockets

A radiator fan is necessary to keep your car cool. The fuses inside of the radiator fan must be in good working order to make sure that the engine is able to stay cool. Without these components your car overheats. Over time this could create damage that is irreversible.

Step 1 – Let Car Cool

Allow your car to cool before you attempt to do any of this. Your car will need to be off for at least a half hour before you begin work. Not allowing your car to cool off could result in you burning your hands or even causing more problems to the engine. Make sure that your car is not sitting in the direct sun while you are allowing it to cool.

Step 2 – Fan Removal

In your radiator, find the cooling fan. You will be able to find this fan either in the front or in the back of your radiator. There will be bolts that hold it into place. Get out your ratchet to remove them. Once you have removed the bolts keep them nearby to make installation easy. Slowly pull out the fan. There will be a wire that is still attached. You will need to unhook the wire to disconnect the fan.

Step 3 – Clean

While you already have your fan out it is a good idea to clean it. This will help it to last longer. Even if your fan has no issues you will be able to get a good look at it to see if there are any beginning problems. Get some degreaser to dampen your rag in and clean off your fan. Pipe cleaners may be necessary to get into all of the nooks and crannies.

Step 4 – Fuses

Once you have gotten past the fan, it is time to replace your fuses. The fuses should be easy to spot inside of your fan. You will be able to tell which fuses are broken by simply holding them up to the light. Look to see if there are circuits that are connected. You may also need to get out a multi tester for your fuses to check the rest. You will simply then need to replace the old fuses with the new ones. The new ones should snap into place where the old ones were. Make sure that you are applying the new fuses in the correct location.

Step 5 – Finishing Up

Once the new fuses are installed you are ready to finish up your project. Simply hook the wire back up to your clean fan. Get your bolts back out and bolt your fan back into place using your ratchet. Start up your car as a test to see if everything is hooked up as it should be.