How to Repair a Sagging Bookcase Headboard How to Repair a Sagging Bookcase Headboard

What You'll Need
Tape measure
Shelf bracket
Wood putty
Wood glue

A bookcase headboard is an ingenious way to keep books, candles and telephones close at hand. Instead of having to reach for a book on your nightstand, you can reach to the headboard and have a small library at your fingertips. Not only is a bookcase headboard convenient, it also helps your bedroom stay uncluttered.

Bookcase headboards sometimes sag from the weight of the items placed upon them. You can repair your sagging headboard bookcase with a few tools and materials.   

Step 1--Clear the Shelf

Before you can begin working to repair the headboard, you have to remove everything. Grab a few boxes or crates and use them to store the items that you remove from the bookcase headboard. Set these boxes aside until you have completed the repair.

Step 2--Measure the Shelf

Use your tape measure to get an accurate measurement of the length of the bookcase headboard. You will need this to determine the proper length of the lumber. 

If your headboard uses brackets to support the shelf, take measurements of the distance between each bracket. You will need this measurement to determine the exact placement of the new bracket that you will be installing. 

Step 3--Attach Lumber to the Back

You will need to buy lumber to fix your shelf. Because many bookcase headboards aren’t constructed with a solid wood backing, you will need to create something for the screws of the bracket to bite into. You are basically going to be creating studs. If your bookcase headboard does have a solid wood backing, you can skip this step.

Purchase one 2x4 for every shelf that needs repairing. This lumber needs to be no longer than the width of the bookcase headboard.

You will screw the lumber into the sides of the bookcase headboard. Make sure that your screws are long enough to attach the lumber to the back of the bookcase.

Step 4--Install Bracket

Now that there is something for the screws to bite into, install the bracket. You will want to place the bracket in the middle of the shelf. This is where most of the sagging is probably occurring. If your bookcase already has brackets, you should try to match those in color. If there are no brackets and you’d like the bracket to be invisible, spray paint it with a matching color before you install it. 

Screw the bracket in place. The screws will go through the board backing and into the lumber your previously attached. This will ensure that the bracket doesn’t fall off the bookcase headboard.

Step 5--Attach Wood Facing

The last step is to attach a thin lumber strip onto the front of the shelf. The wood facing should be wider than the shelf. This facing will add stability to the shelf.

Attach the facing with wood glue. Once it has dried a bit, screw it in place. Make sure to counter sink the screws. Fill the depressions with wood putty. 

That’s it. Your bookcase headboard can look as good as new with just a little effort.

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