How to Repair a Sliding Window How to Repair a Sliding Window

What You'll Need
Stiff brush
Steel wool or sand paper
Flat head screw
Rubber mallet

To correct a bent track it is necessary to repair sliding window. However start by checking that the fault is not as a result of an accumulation of dirt, paint or grime. Sliding or gliding windows have sashes that slide along metal tracks at the top or bottom of the frame. A dent or bend in the track prevents the window from gliding smoothly. Simple checks such as clearing grime and lubricating the track can easily correct the problem. However, the following steps can be followed to repair a sliding window.

Step 1 – Clean the Track

Use a stiff brush to remove particles or debris off the window’s track. Use steel wool or sand paper to remove imperfections and to even out the surface. A small nozzle can be attached on a vacuum cleaner to suck out debris.

Step 2 – Remove the Sash

Use a screwdriver to remove screws or rivets that serve as security installation on the window. Uninstall locks or other devices as well. Place them in a clean and safe position as they will be reinstalled later.

Step 3 – Align Track

Carefully, angle the bottom edge of the sash outward to free it from the track. If the track is bent outward, use a rubber or wood mallet to hit the top part of a screw driver. Force the flat head of the screwdriver into the narrow section of the track, take care not to cut or rip the track. Gently push the ends to the sides until they align with the rest of the rail.

Step 4 – Repair Glider

If the problem is with the glider, remove it from its position. It is advisable to replace it with a new one to prevent the problem from recurring. Take it to a hardware store or lumberyard supply and order an exact match. This makes it easy to replace it back in the window.

Step 5 – Align Glider

Put the new glider where it was screwed to the window frame. Fasten it into position using screws and tighten using screwdriver.

Inspect the weather stripping, if it is severely damaged or worn out then replace it with a new one. Remove the window sash from the window’s frame. Get the new weather stripping and lay it on its slot, gently push it in until it lies properly on the window’s sash. Make sure there are no folds or bumps on the stripping material.

Step 6 – Replace Damaged Frame

Sometimes, a sliding window might not work properly as a result of a damaged frame. In this case, if the frame can not be repaired using the steps outlined above, buy a new frame to replace the old one.


A level can be used to make sure that the frame is straight when repairing the track.

If the frame is not the problem, check the blinds. They might interfere with the window and cause it not to open properly.

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