How to Repair a Sliding Window Track

What You'll Need
Steel Wool
Tack cloth

Having windows on a sliding window track is a benefit as it makes them much easier to open as well as clean. When a sliding window track becomes damaged the window will no longer open correctly. The most common problem associated with a sliding window track is the track becoming bent. This can be fixed easily and this article will show you how.

Step 1 - Check the Sliding Window Track

Remove the windows by loosening the glide wheels with the screwdriver. Once the windows are off slide your fingers along both tracks and feel for dents, dirt and rust. Any of these can cause the sliding window track to not work properly.

Step 2 - Dents

Dents typically show up on the outside of the track and pushing in toward the window. Use the mallet and gently tap the metal to bend it back.

Step 3 - Rust and Dirt

Either of this will severely limit movement on the sliding window track. Use the steel wool to remove the rust and dirt then the tack cloth to wipe it down.

Step 4 - Replace the Window

Lubricate the track lightly and replace the window. Lower the glide wheels and test the movement.