How to Repair a Spark Plug Boot

Over time, as your car ages, parts of your engine are prone to wear and this includes your spark plug boot. It is a tube-like rubber casing that protects the connection of the spark plug wire and the spark plug. The boot may get damaged because of factors like engine heat and repeated removal of the spark plugs during tune ups.


  • Spark Plug Boot Repair Kit
  • Carburetor Cleaner
  • Scissors
  • Pieces of Cloth

Step 1: Disengage Boot from Spark Plug

First locate the boot in your engine. It is attached to the end of the spark plug wire. These are four wires running to the top of the engine block. Detach the boot from the spark plug by pulling it gently.

Step 2: Clean the Boot

Now, spray some cleaner on it and wipe it clean with the cloth. Make sure that you clean it thoroughly of dirt and grime. However, be careful not to pull too hard on the attached wire to avoid damaging it.

Step 3: Fitting the Silicone Mesh

Get the silicone mesh which is included in the kit and cut a portion which will wrap snugly around the boot. Test fit it around the boot and make sure that it is wrapped around tightly. Remove the mesh and put an even amount of silicone gel on the exterior of the boot.

Step 4: Finishing and Re-Installation

Wrap the mesh tightly around the boot. It will now stick because of the gel. You have now made the exterior of boot thicker. Re-install the spark plug boot to its original location.