How to Repair a Split Wooden Chair Seat

What You'll Need
Regular pliers
Wood paint stir stick
Angled pliers
Bar clamps
Masking tape
Wood chisel
Wood glue
Clean cloth

If you have tried glues and patches on your favorite but split wooden chair seat and they would not work, do not be discouraged. There are simple steps that you can follow to repair that chair, whether it is a modern model or an antique.

Step 1 - Disassembling the Seat

Take off all screws that you can see on your chair seat and make a mental note on the screws that might be missing on their slots. If wood buttons were used to hide the screws, take the buttons out using your pliers to be able to see the screw underneath. Wrap the tip of your pliers with masking tape to avoid damage to the wood.

Step 2 – Removing Nails

If nails were used previously in the repair of the split chair seat, pull them out with the help of angled pliers. Use a wood stir stick to have more leverage and to protect the finish of the wood from scratches and dents. Old glue that remains on the frame can be chiseled off.

Step 3 –Joining the Split

Reassemble the wooden pieces but always remember that gaps can be found between them. Rough edges can be evened out with the help of the joiner but do not shave off too much of the material. Apply wood glue on the edges and join them with the help of bar clamps. Let the glue dry over the night and reassemble.