How to Repair a Squeaky Air Exchanger

What You'll Need
Fan Belt
Fan Motor
Wood Putty
Runner pads

An air exchanger removes the heat from the air rather than cooling it. All home window air conditioners comprise a compressor, an evaporating coil, a metering gadget, a condenser and a blower fan. Some air exchangers also have heating strips for heating in winter. When the unit is working, its compressor and blower fan are running at the same time. All fan motors have fan blades fixed to them at the end. The blower is located inside the unit and continually draws the room air over the evaporator coils.

An air conditioner may create noise or squeaking, which is both annoying and may indicate some serious fault. Follow the simple steps below to  identify the problem and possibly repair it on your own.

Step 1: Identifying the Problem

Run the unit. Listen to the squeaking or irregular noises from its mechanical system. If you hear squeaking, scraping, grinding, clunking or rattling sound, there are problems with alignments that are to be fixed or some parts are worn out and need replacement. Note down the source of sound: most likely, it is the blower, compressor or window frame itself. You can fix minor problems on your own.

 Step 2:  Checking the Mounting of AC in the Window Frame

Check that front panel is properly fitted and not making sound. Many times, you can stop the noise by securely fixing the panel. Also check that the unit does not shake at all in the window frame as it may not be properly installed. It may also be causing vibrations in the window glass that may make noise when AC is running. Fix some shims, padding or putty to dampen the vibrations.

Step 3: Removing the Unit from Window

Remove the front panel of the unit and disconnect the power connection to unit. Remove the air conditioner from window with the help of an assistant. Take off its cover.

Step 4: Checking and Repairing Fan Motor

Check the fan motor. Mechanical parts wear out or get misaligned. The fan blade may be damaged or rubbing on the coils or rattling to cause squeaking noise. If the unit is belt blower type, check the belt. If it is cracked, worn or loose, change the belt.

If fan blades are loose or slightly twisted, tighten them and adjust, if possible. Some blowers can be lubricated. If fan motor or pulley needs replacement, you have to get the quote and replace it yourself or have it replaced by a professional.

Step 5: Checking the Compressor Mounting

The compressors in the window air conditioners run on powerful motors. When the motor starts or shuts off, the complete unit will shake, making a loud sound. Normally, you can not do anything yourself to fix this problem.

Finally, check the mounting pads and brackets. These should not be worn out, loose or missing. If they are, fix them or order replacements.