How to Repair a Stone Patio Fireplace

  • 3-8 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 40-500
What You'll Need
Narrow chisel
Stiff wire brush
Mortar mix
Silicone caulk

A stone patio fireplace can blend with any type of house, but when it starts to crumble and decay, it can be an eyesore that you might want to take a sledgehammer to. Of course, smashing it will not solve the dilemma of having a good working patio fireplace. Stone patio fireplaces add value to your house, look good and are also a very nice place to entertain guests or relatives. Repairing stone patio fireplaces does take come TLC because you'd need to chisel and break off broken pieces and re-mortar with new bricks. So take a few hours and complete the necessary repairs yourself. It is not a hard task, and an average homeowner with basic knowledge of tools and construction can complete the repair of the patio fireplace without having the expense of hiring a professional.

Step 1 - Remove Loose Debris

Before repairing your stone patio fireplace be sure all of the loose debris is removed. Use a stiff wire brush and scrub the main pieces of broken mortar and brick until it crumbles out. Any loose pieces that do not fall out will need to be forced loose with a small chisel and hammer. Make sure all the broken pieces are removed and clean out as much of the loose particles as you can to ensure the repair is solid and holds up to the elements throughout the years.

Step 2 - Apply the Mortar

fireplace surrounded by stone and brick

Mix a small batch of mortar, guessing how much you will need for each area since it sets fast, and begin pressing into place with a trowel or small putty knife. Complete one section at a time, making sure you do not add too much mortar, which would make a mess on the bricks that is very hard to get off after it has cured. When doing this step follow the existing pattern that already exists and form the new mortar to match.

On seams that run horizontally, begin from the left side and work your way to the right. Always be sure to start from the top seam first, working your way down as you go. Joints that run vertically should be done beginning at the left side of the stone fireplace and work from the top, proceeding downward as you form the new mortar.

Step 3 - Clean

In order to have a finished stone patio fireplace that is appealing you have to clean around the areas you have repaired. Wait until the mortar has completely dried and take a wire brush to the repaired surfaces. Scratch off all of the excess amounts, including the areas around the fireplace you may have dripped mortar onto. Be careful around the joints because, if you chip out the mortar you have spread into them, you will have to redo the first steps.

Repairing a stone patio fireplace is an easy job that can be accomplished within a matter of hours, as long as you are willing to take the time to complete it.