How to Repair a Stone Paver Patio


A stone paver patio is an amazing accent to any landscaping design, but when the pavers begin to break and sink the appeal of it will quickly diminish. Since these pavers are separate pieces that have been laid into place on a bed of sand it is a very easy task to fix or replace the pavers. There is no need to hire a professional when this job can be accomplished by anybody within a couple of hours.

Tools and Materials Needed:

  • Replacement stone pavers
  • 2 by 4
  • Sand
  • Hammer
  • Chisel

Step 1 - Remove the Damaged Pavers

Repairing a stone paver patio begins with removing the broken or sinking pieces. Walk around the patio and when a piece is found that needs to be fixed, do so. The easiest way to remove the pavers is to break them out and replace them with new ones. Sometimes it is possible to remove sinking pavers without breaking them, but in order to save time and the possibility of damaging the surrounding pavers, it is suggested to simply remove them and replace with new ones.

To do this task simply use the hammer and chisel and begin breaking sections of the paver. Remove all the pieces as you go until the hole that the paver was taken out of is nothing but sand. 

Step 2 - Level the Hole

Place a small amount of sand into the bottom of the hole and tap it down solid with the 2 by 4 and a hammer. Make sure to level the entire area in which the new paver stone will be placed. If you have to, after tapping the sand down, place the paver stone into the hole to ensure that it is level with the surrounding stones. If you have to add more sand, or remove some, do so before actually setting the stone.

Step 3 - Set the Paver Stone

After the sand has been leveled and tapped down, place the new paver stone into place. Be sure that the edges of the new stone are evenly set away from all of the surrounding stones in order to give the patio the original uniform look and design. Add some sand around the edges of the stone and tap it solid to ensure that the stone paver does not move. The reason that stone pavers sink is because the sand was not tapped down solidly enough, so be sure that you do not skip this step. The tighter that the stone paver is held into place, the better off that the stone paver patio will be.

Step 4 - Clean the Pavers

After all of the stone pavers have been replaced, and the entire patio is once again level and eye appealing, use a basic broom and remove any excess sand that may have accumulated on the surface. Be careful when doing this, though, because you do not want to dig any sand out from the joints that surround the paver stones.