How to Repair a Stuck Accelerator Pedal How to Repair a Stuck Accelerator Pedal

What You'll Need
Throttle body cleaner

Driving a vehicle can be fun if you have a perfect accelerator pedal. When these pedals stick it can cause danger for the driver and his/her passengers. Here is how you can repair this problem:

Step 1 - Checking the Accelerator Pedal

Before you begin to cleanse the vehicle of this problem you must double check the accelerator pedal in order to be sure there is a problem. Drive your vehicle around your yard a few times and push down on the pedal gently. Always be ready to brake in case it does have a sticking problem. Don't be afraid to test your vehicle at home first before getting onto the road. This will save you from any dangers that could happen once you are on the highway. Past news stories have often linked accidents on sticking accelerator pedals. Tragedies can often be avoided when we take the time to check things out. If the accelerator sticks then it is time to solve the problem.

Step 2 - Gathering Your Repair Tools

Next you will begin the task of repairing your sticking accelerator pedal. You must first have all of your tools on hand. Be sure that your body cleanser, screwdriver and toothbrush are close by. You will need these items to properly repair the problem. You can also wear work gloves to prevent any damage or dirt from getting on your hands.

Step 3 - Using the Throttle Body Cleaner

It is very important to not use a carburetor cleaner or silicone to fix the problem since these may damage your oxygen sensors. Once you have lifted the hood up you will remove the air intake hose. You will use your screwdriver to do this part. Once you have loosened the clamp on the air intake hose you are almost ready for business. On older vehicles you will remove the breather cover in order to reach the carburetor.

Once you have done this you will open the valve on the carburetor. Begin to spray a heavy amount of the throttle body cleaner onto a cloth and clean the whole area. You will also use a toothbrush or small brush to get to the difficult locations. Remember to be generous with the spray since it will help the outcome of your accelerator acting properly on the road. Be sure to wipe the throttle body as clean as possible and repeat the process several times. You may then spray the butterfly valve until it is well lubed. The valve will be more efficient after this cleaning. Everything will operate better with the swipes of the cleaner.

Step 4 - Placing Everything Back into Place

Once the cleaning is done you will put the intake hose or breather back into its' proper place. Turn on your vehicle and run it for about 15 minutes. this will get rid of the excess cleaner that was left behind. Try stepping on your pedal again. After doing these tasks your pedal should be in good working order.

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