How to Repair a Terrazzo Countertop

What You'll Need
Mild detergent
Epoxy terrazzo repair kit
Chemical paint stripper
Stripping pads
Right angle grinder
Polishing disks of various grits
White polishing pad
Protective mask, gloves and glasses

A terrazzo countertop is not only an elegant solution, but it is also very durable. Terrazzo countertops are made of marble chips of various sizes inserted in cement. In some cases, other types of minerals are also inserted in the cement. Terrazzo countertops are resistant, but they may also be prone to damage, especially in kitchens. You can repair a countertop within a few hours using some tools and supplies.



Step 1 – Prepare the Countertop

Clean the countertop with a mild detergent. Allow the countertop to dry. Identify the areas that need repair. Inspect the entire surface of the countertop and find small cracks or larger holes.

Take the countertop outdoors or cover your working area with old newspapers. The polishing will produce fine dust, which can land on your floors and furniture. You will also need protective mask, gloves and glasses.

Step 2 – Remove Finishing

Paint stripper can be used to remove the wax or finish of the countertop. Apply the paint stripper with a sponge. Wait for up to 30 minutes before you remove the finishing. Use a striping pad for this purpose and make sure you remove the paint stripper from all areas.

If there are any remains of adhesive or paint, the paint stripper will also remove these.

Step 3 – Fill Cracks

Use the epoxy terrazzo repair kit to fill cracks and imperfections from the countertop. The repair kit includes a syringe, which you have to fill with epoxy solution. Inject epoxy in all problem areas. Inject small amounts at a time and check if more solution is needed. Allow the solution to dry before polishing the countertop.

Step 4 – Insert Stones in Holes

The epoxy terrazzo repair kit contains small stones or marbles that can be used if there are larger holes in your countertop. Make sure you inject epoxy solution along the stone you insert, which will ensure that the stone is set in the countertop. The solution should be dry before you proceed.

Step 5 – Polish the Repaired Areas

Polish the areas that you have just repaired using a right angle grinder and a 60 grit polishing disk. Remove the dust produced by the polishing and check if there are scratches on the surface of the terrazzo countertop. Repeat the polishing, until the surface is even. You may use a finer grit polishing disk when you repeat the polishing.

Step 6 – Add Gloss to Countertop

Using a white polishing pad, you can obtain a glossy countertop. The time you spend on polishing will determine the gloss of the countertop. If you want a matte countertop, skip this step. If you want a glossy countertop, polish until you obtain the appropriate gloss.