How to Repair a Ticking Electronic Air Cleaner How to Repair a Ticking Electronic Air Cleaner

An occasional ticking sound coming from your electronic air cleaner does necessarily indicate a problem. However, if the ticking is continuous, it likely means that your air cleaner filters are dirty. While it is necessary to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning your particular filters, you can expect to follow the general guidelines below.

Step 1 - Turn Off the Power to Your Cleaner

For safety purposes, always shut off the power to you cleaner before beginning any work.

Step 2 - Remove the Cover

You manual will give you specific instructions.

Step 3 - Remove the Filters

Your air cleaner’s pre-filters will look rough, and the electronic cells behind them will have vertical metal stripping. Remove both of these kinds of filters. If your unit also has a charcoal filter, this will occasionally need to be removed and cleaned as well.

You can gently wash the filters in your sink or in a tub of water. Never scrub them, and never put them in a dishwasher.

Step 4 - Let Filters Dry

Prop the filters at an angle and let them dry. It may take several hours, but it is vital that they be completely dry before you put them back into your cleaner.

Step 5 - Return the Filters to the Air Cleaner

Make sure you face the filters the right direction when putting them back in the air cleaner. When you are finished, you will have successfully taken care of any problem ticking.

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