How to Repair a Toilet Water Tank Leak

What You'll Need
Duct tape or Plumber's tape

A toilet water tank is the place where water is held before the toilet is flushed. After flushing the toilet, the water which was held by the toilet water tank runs into the bowl, and then more water is added to the tank. Due to water sitting in the tank for such long periods of time, and due to changes in water pressure when the toilet is flushed, it is quite common for the toilet water tank to begin leaking. This may be a constant leak, from one corner of the tank, or it may be a drip into the bowl which happens when a shower is used in another part of the house. Before you call a plumber to fix these problems, there are a number of things that even those with basic home improvement skills can do to get the toilet water tank sorted.

Step 1 - Prepare the Tank

Before you begin to start work on the tank, it is a good idea to turn off the water. You can turn off the tank itself, by finding the knob situated just below your toilet water tank, close to the wall. Turn this knob clockwise to shut off the water. You may also choose to turn the water off at the mains supply, which will be located outside in the driveway, or close to the house. Once you have turned off the water, flush the toilet once or twice to get rid of the water which is inside the tank. Any excess water can be mopped up using a sponge or some unwanted towels.

Step 2 - Removing the Tank

Take the tank off of the water supply, and then using your wrench, unscrew the tank from its connection to the bowl. The bolts which hold the tank in place can be found at the bottom of the toilet water tank, and if you have difficulty in getting a good grip with your wrench, try placing your screwdriver in the heads of the bolts while the nut is being turned.

Step 3 - Fixing the Tank

Once you have the tank on the floor, you can remove the gasket, which is cone-shaped and at the bottom of the tank. Even if it looks to be in good condition, replace it with a new one. You should also replace the rubber gaskets on the bolts, as these should be replaced every year. You should also look at the washers, and replace any that appear damaged.

Step 4 - Returning the Tank

When this is done, you can return the tank to its rightful position. In positioning the tank over the bowl, make sure that you drop the cone-shaped gasket into the bowl entrance. Replace the bolts, and then screw the nuts tightly into place. Wrap duct tape around the water inlet pipe to prevent leakage, and then make sure that the water hose is also tightened. Reactivate the water supply, and watch the tank filling up. Check for leaks.