How to Repair a Torn Boat Cover

What You'll Need
Canvas with Tear
Patch Piece of Canvas
Canvas Adhesive or Fabric Adhesive
Sail maker's Needle
Sail maker's Polyester Thread or Sewing machine
Measuring Tape

Repairing a torn boat cover is a simple job. The boat cover can be repaired by using a small sail repair tape. The repairs done using the sail repair tapes won’t retain for a long time. This is because of climate change, and heat. Moreover, the adhesive present in the sail tape will be damaged and then finally the repairs will be useless. Repairing the boat cover using a needle and thread is the best method because it is easy and less expensive when compared to the other methods

      After getting the needed items and tools the next procedure is to follow the instructions to repair the boat cover step by step as given below.

      Step Number 1: Measuring the Torn Area

      The first step is to find the length of the patch or torn area using a ruler or a measurement tape. This is done in order to know the size of the canvas required to cover the torn area. Cut the canvas using the scissors carefully and ensure that the patch piece is about 4 inches longer in length and breadth than the actual torn area. This adjustment is made so that the patch gets covered completely.

      Step Number 2: Cutting the Patch Piece

      The patch piece needs to be cut carefully using the scissors, 4 inch longer in length as well as breadth. For example if the torn area is 2 inches long and 3 inches wide, then the patch piece needs to be 6 inches long and 8 inches wide. Two patch pieces are needed to cover both the sides of the boat cover and both should be of the same length and breadth.

      Step Number 3: Working on the Patch

      The canvas adhesive should be applied on the Patch piece and has to be placed on the tear. After placing them properly on the tear any heavy object such as a book or a wooden block should be kept until the adhesive dries and sticks to the canvas properly. This is done in order to attach the canvas to the tear and to ensure double protection. Even if the stitches loosen out, the adhesive will keep the patch cover attached.

      Step Number 4: Stitching the Patch Canvas

      After you have successfully stitched the boat cover patch, an observation has to be made to ensure that the torn area is properly repaired. If there are gaps at the edges, it should be applied with adhesive and needs to be stitched again.

      The repairing procedure of a torn boat cover is very simple that any person can repair the torn boat cover by following the four steps with the help of the necessary items and tools. Repairing a torn boat cover is a cake walk and costs less if you follow the above guide.