How to Repair a Torn Car Canopy

What You'll Need
Canopy repair tape
Cleaning solvent

A rip in your car canopy should be repaired as soon as possible to prevent it from getting any bigger. The repair job is simple and easy to do.

Step 1 – Cleaning the Canopy

Use an oil free cleaning solution to clean the top and bottom surface of the canopy around the tear. Allow the fabric to dry completely. The tape will not adhere to the fabric if it contains any moisture.

Step 2 – Taping the Tear

Purchase canopy repair tape from your local hardware store. Read the directions provided by the manufacturer of the tape before you apply it to the canopy. Position the two edges so that fit together. Place a piece of repair tape over the top side of the tear. Carefully press out any bubbles in the tape. Place a second piece of tape over the bottom side of the tear. If the tape does not sit properly, do not remove it. You could make the tear even larger. Apply another piece of tape over the misplaced one.

Step 3 – Inspecting the Canopy

Inspect your car canopy for any other weak areas in the fabric. If you find any small rips or holes, place tape over those areas as well. This will prevent the areas from developing any further damage.