How to Repair a Torn Leather Tonneau Truck Cover

  • Intermediate
What You'll Need
Sinew or waxed thread
Large sewing needles for leather
Leather glue
Leather patch
Waterproof spray for leather

A tonneau truck cover encloses the bed of your pickup truck. Because the covers are durable and waterproof, they protect nearly anything you place inside. But problems arise when the tonneau truck cover sustains tears or other damage. Taking it to an upholsterer can cost you dearly. An alternative way to remedy a torn tonneau truck cover would be to sew it yourself. With the right materials, it can be functional again.

Step 1 – Take the Measurements

Measure the size of the tear. These measurements will indicate how much leather patching you will need. Try to find a leather patch that matches the color of your tonneau truck cover.

Step 2 – Remove the Tonneau Truck Cover

Remove the tonneau cover from the backside of your truck and lay it on a clean surface. If you do not have a worktable, you can use the ground as long as you move any sharp objects that can further damage or puncture your leather cover.

Step 3 – Trace the Markings

Mark your leather where you will be sewing. Do not place the stitches too close to the tear; otherwise the sinew itself will cut the leather and create more tears. Give it about 1/2 inch. You may use a regular marker in this step because you will be patching this later on with another peace of leather.

Step 4 – Thread Your Needle

Thread the sinew into a needle. Remember to put a knot at the end so the thread stays put. Do not substitute regular thread, as it will break more easily than sinew thread. The sinew is thick and strong, and is really meant to be used for leather or any other thick material.

Step 5 – Patch the Tear in Your Tonneau Truck Cover

Guide the needle slowly into the mark you made earlier. A running stitch would work best for this project. Try to put the stitches as close as possible to each other.

When you finish stitching, glue the leather patch on top of the stitches. Apply the glue on the loose patch and make sure the amount of adhesive is even and covers the whole surface area. Apply firm pressure on all sides. Let it sit to dry.

Step 6 – Apply the Waterproof Spray

The waterproof spray will ensure that water does not seep through any areas that have been left unsewed or unglued.

Step 7 – Reinstall the Tonneau Truck Cover

Re-install your tonneau truck cover on your truck’s bed. Now your tonneau cover will be functional once again. It may not be as good as new, but it will protect the contents of your truck’s bed.