How to Repair a Two Handle Tub and Shower Faucet

bathtub with two handles and shower
  • 2-4 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 25-75
What You'll Need
Electrical wire
Seat wrench
Handle puller
Bonnet socket for shower
Adjustable wrench

A two handle tub shower faucet can easily be repaired is there's a leaky faucet. You do not have to worry about special tools at all because the repairing of these items are very simple to do. In these kinds of repairs, no special tools are required. If the problem still persists then a special socket wrench or seat tool might be required. Several tools are required for repairing your two handle tub and shower faucet. The instructions are very easy to follow. The required tools have been mentioned below. They can be found at any tool shop or even in your tool box.

Step 1 - Stop Water Supply

The very first step of fixing your water faucet and two handle tub is to stop the water supply leading to the faucet. After that, you have to remove the trim. This is the chrome or brass plated part of the handles and escutcheons that are usually rings or tubes or cones that hide the holes in the wall. You have to remove the screw out of the center and tug it off. Sometimes the handles will be tough to pull off because of the soap. You can use a handle puller in such a case. Then gently tap or pry them off of the center. Sometimes the screws are available on the side of the handles. You can tug them off as well.

Step 2 - Remove Escutcheons

Remove the escutcheons that are like cones with the help of a screwdriver. You can loosen the screw and pull it off with a screwdriver if the escutcheon looks like a tube with a separate ring at the rear side of it. Remember that most faucets have valves in the nut. You can remove and replace it with a bonnet.

Step 3 - Screw the Bonnet Out

Use an adjustable wrench and screw the bonnet out of its place. Never use vice grips because it could crush the bonnet which is composed of soft brass. Remove every washer and gasket while you are done with the bonnet. Then replace the bib washers and screws on the rear side of the stem.

Step 4 - Replace Cap

Your faucet will have a cap thread gasket on the back of the bonnet: you need to remove it. Pluck it out with a small screwdriver. Use grease if it is tough to take these components off of their places. It is time to put it all back to together.

Step 5 - Assemble Parts

You have to screw the assembly back into the body valve with a stem in the bonnet kept in full open position. Use your wrench and tighten it up but do not over tighten it. Turn the valve on that you have repaired. The water will leak from the packing nut. Turn your wrench on the supply and the leaking will stop. Make sure you check for leaks around the bonnet. Your two handle tub and its faucet have been fixed.