How to Repair a Vertical Blind Chain: Blinds Won't Close

vertical blinds on a window
What You'll Need

The vertical blind chain is the mechanism that controls the function of the entire blind by allowing it to rotate open and closed. Repairing the vertical blind chain requires a delicate touch. If the blinds will not open or close properly, or you find the system a little stiff, you can do this repair yourself in a few hours.

The End Control Cap

In order to work out the problem, you need to open up the end control cap or remove it entirely. The cap should unscrew by hand, but if you have a screw attachment holding it in place, then you should use a screwdriver to remove it. inside the end control, there is a pulley, a metal rod, and a round washer. Tap these parts lightly, particularly the rod, in order to loosen it.


In order to ensure that the chain does not become stuck again, you will need to apply some grease, such as WD-40, to the inside of the end control. Check that the chain is working properly before re-fitting the cap. Once replaced, use the chain to open and close the blinds several times and ensure the lubricant is well distributed.