How to Repair a Vinyl Window Awning

What You'll Need
Awning repair tape
Cleaning supplies

Many people install vinyl window awning on RVs, houses and other buildings to provide shade and rain protection. Window awnings come in many different types of materials and are great for printing advertisements or business names on. They’re efficient because they can lower cooling costs in your home, keep curtains and other fabrics (furniture, rugs) from fading from overexposure to sun, and some have venting systems in place that will actually disperse heat. They can even make your home or the front of a business seem more substantial. However, like anything, they cannot remain faultless forever. Over time, your awnings might start to show wear and tear. You can make repairs to a worn window awning yourself. 

Step 1 – Proper Maintenance 

Before you even begin to think about how to repair your window awnings, consider keeping them well cleaned and maintained from the start. Brush your awnings off with a broom, getting rid of dirt and dust. Keep them clean of insects and such underneath as well. Some can be taken down and machine washed on gentle cycles, but not machine dried. Otherwise, you can hire professionals to clean your awnings with power washers, steam cleaners or special brushes.

You can protect your awnings by using vinyl protective coating. It will safeguard them from UV damage and maintain waterproof properties. 

Step 2 – Buy a Kit

If the rip is longer than ¼ of the length of the awning itself, you might want to consider having it re-stitched. Hopefully, you won’t need to replace it completely. If it is not a sizable rip, go to your hardware store and buy a roll of awning repair tape or an awning repair kit. 

Step 2 – Clean 

Remove the awning and  clean the top and bottom of the area in which the tear is located. The repair tape will give directions as to how this should be done. It must be both clean and dry for a proper repair. Oil or silicone based cleaners are not recommended. 

Step 3 – Attach the Repair Tape on the Top 

Place the awning on a flat surface and piece the torn segments together. Lay the repair tape carefully on the tear and press out any air bubbles that arise. Do not try to move the tape. Once it’s on, it’s on. If you made a mistake, add another piece of tape. 

Step 4 – Attach the Repair Tape on the Bottom 

As you did on the top, place the tape on the back side of your awning carefully. Check for any other damage, clean the spots and make repairs. If you’ve got weak spots, it’s best to repair them now rather than letting them get worse. 

Step 5 – Consider an Adhesive 

Before going ahead with the taping method, consider using a bonding adhesive. Spread or brush the adhesive on to patch tears or holes on vinyl. It is available for industrial vinyl repair situations as well. Perhaps test it out on a small tear or rip to see if you like it better than you do repair tape.