How to Repair a Vinyl Window Frame How to Repair a Vinyl Window Frame

What You'll Need
Vinyl Patch Kit
Tape Measure
Razor Sharp Cutter

A vinyl window frame is common among modern homes today. Vinyl is a product that is used in many home applications, such as plumbing, flooring, window framing and sidings. With so many home uses, it is useful to take note of DIY vinyl repair such as the one below before hiring professionals. Read on for more info on how to repair a vinyl window frame.

Step 1 – Measure the Extent of Damage

Before going ahead and purchasing vinyl patches from a local store or the Internet, make sure to determine how much vinyl is needed. Check the entire window frame and measure the damaged area to make an estimate. Inspect other vinyl products and determine if they need patching as well to ensure that the process does not go to waste.

Step 2 – Purchase the Needed Materials

For vinyl repairs, all that is needed is a vinyl patch kit with vinyl patches that can provide sufficient patching. The kit will also include a tube of vinyl adhesive and a tool to press the patches evenly in place. If the adhesive and tool are not in the kit, purchase them individually. Scissors are also needed for the trimming, but a razor sharp cutter can serve as an alternative.

Step 3 – Remove the Damaged Part

To remove the damaged part, outline the torn vinyl and cut it with a razor sharp cutter. Be careful not to cut the material underneath it. Just remove the damaged vinyl that needs to be replaced.

Step 4 – Begin the Patching Work

Cut a portion of the vinyl patch to come up with a section that is slightly larger than the actual vinyl that needs to be replaced. Slide it on the damaged vinyl window frame to check if it fits correctly. The cut section of the patch should not have any gaps, so make sure to add a bit of allowance when cutting. Smooth the patch to ensure that it does not have any wrinkles.

Apply adhesive on the edges of the patch and all over its surface. Make sure to spread the adhesive uniformly to avoid any irregular surface when the adhesive dries. Press the edges and the surfaces of the patch using the tool that came along with it during purchase. This will make the patch less noticeable. Allow the adhesive to dry to complete the repair.

Take note that sunlight may cause the vinyl patch to warp or distort, so make sure to keep the window frame away from direct sunlight for at least 24 hours. Cover the entire patch with newspapers or any other opaque material, especially if it is found at the exterior of the home.

For larger patch jobs that are too much to handle, it is best to call in a professional to do the task. However, if the vinyl window frame is just too damaged for repairs, consider installing a replacement. 

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