How to Repair a Wall Hung Toilet Leaking from the Mount

What You'll Need
Felt wax ring

The process to repair a toilet that is hung on the wall is slightly different than repairing one that is attached to the floor. Follow the simple steps below to repair the leaky mount of a wall hung toilet.

Step 1 - Get Started

Start out by turning off the water at the mains. Remove the mounting nuts and lift the toilet at the same time. You can then sit the toilet down and work on the area behind it.

Step 2 - Replace Wax Ring

In most cases, a leaking wall hung toilet is caused by a faulty wax ring. Wall hung toilets have a special type of wax ring that also has felt in it. You need to make sure that you have appropriate type of wax ring for this job and then install it.

Step 3 - Reattach Toilet

After you have installed the new wax ring, you need to put the toilet back on the wall. Press it up into the opening and then attach it by screwing in the mounting nuts. Make sure that it is sturdy before you release it.

Step 4 - Finish Up

You should then be able to restore the main water line and test the toilet.