How to Repair a Washing Machine that Doesn't Spin

inside of washing machine full of clothes and water

To demystify the secrets of how to repair a washing machine that does not spin, you need to know where to look for the problem. Washing machines come in various types: some load from the top, while others load from the front; some washing machines are belt-driven, others are direct-drive types. In general, all washing machines consist of a big tub that fills with water, vibrates, and finally revolves to drain the water. However, there are many parts that the non-expert in home repairs may know nothing of. If that happens to be you, don’t stress out. Here is what you can do if your washer goes through all the agitation cycles but then suddenly does not spin.

Step 1 - Check and Reposition the Load of Clothes

Check the load of clothes. If it happens that the load of clothes inside the washing machine is lopsided, then the tub might be unbalanced as well. If this is the case, there are two options for the washing machine - it may spin erratically or may not spin at all. You should open the lid carefully and reposition the load of clothes. There is usually an off-balance shut-off switch in your washing machine. By repositioning the clothes and closing back the lid, you help it reset and the washing machine might start working properly.

Step 2 - Examine the Tab on the Lid

top of a washing machine

If the off-balance shut-off is not the problem, it may be the lid switch. You may check the tab on the lid that strikes the lid switch. If the tab is broken, the washing machine may halt during the spin cycle. If, when pressed and released, the switch fails to click, it is probably broken. You may attempt to remove, test, and replace the switch only if you feel confident enough in your home repair skills. Otherwise, you may not want to risk voiding the washing machine’s warranty. To save yourself time and effort, it may be better to call a professional repairman.

Step 3 - Check the Washing Machine Belt

holding a motor pulled from a washing machine

Another reason why your washing machine does not spin may be rooted in the machine’s belt. It may be loose, worn, or broken. If you’ve done it before, you may try to tighten or replace the belt. Bear in mind that to replace the belt, you have to practically disassemble and assemble your washing machine. Probably the touch of a professional repairman may come in handy.

Step 4 - Call a Professional Repairman

If all else is in order, there isn’t much you can do on your own. The problem may be in the electronic controls of your washing machine. You should not attempt to repair the electronics unless you are a certified electrical technician. Often, these are complicated and easily damaged controls which are best serviced by a professional.