How to Replace a Washing Machine Timer

One hour and two minutes remain on a washer timer.
  • 1-2 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 65-250
What You'll Need
Plastic sheet
New timer
What You'll Need
Plastic sheet
New timer

A defunct washer timer is no help at all and it can make the simple task of doing laundry a real chore. However, if you need to replace your washing machine timer, there is no need to panic. It is not a very difficult procedure and does not require any major tools, so you can even take care of it yourself and save your wallet a little cash.

Step 1 - Shut Off the Power

When working with any electric appliances, the first and most important step is to turn off the power to the machine. This way, there is no risk of electric shock while you're working. For a washer, you can either unplug it from the socket or directly turn off the circuit in your breaker box.

Step 2 - Protect the Surface

To make sure you do not damage the finish of the machine during this replacement, cover the top with either a thick cloth or a plastic sheet.

Step 3 - Remove the Timer Knob

Take off the timer knob by just pulling it off of the shaft. Do not use any tools for this; you can pull it with your hand. Do not use a lot of force either, as you could damage the knob.

Step 4 - Take the Control Panel Off

You'll need to be able to get inside to work with the washer's timer, so the control panel cover must come off. The front is attached to the back panel with several screws. Use a screwdriver to loosen and remove the screws until you can pull the cover out of place. Make sure that you rotate it forward for the best access to the wiring.

Step 5 - Pull Out the Existing Timer

Locate the timer once you have the wiring exposed. There will be a series of screws holding it in place on the control panel. These have to be removed, so loosen them with a screwdriver and set them aside in a safe place.

You will also need to disconnect the wiring harness in order to remove the timer completely. This can be done by simply pressing the tab and pulling it out. Then, take the timer out of the control panel by pressing the mounting tab. This will be below the timer.

Step 6 - Add the New Timer

Make sure you purchase a replacement timer that will be compatible with your make and model of washing machine. If you're unsure of how to get one, consult your manufacturer.

Now, replace the old timer with the new timer. Place it in its spot and snap the mounting tab back into position.

Step 7 - Reconnect the Wiring Harness

You need to reconnect the harness to the new timer in the same manner the old one was. Then, snap the harness back into its original position, and screw in the mounting screws.

Step 8 - Finish

Reattach all the units that were taken off like the face of the control panel and the knob. Plug the washer back in or turn the breaker back on and, finally, test the machine to see if the replacement timer works as it should.