How to Repair a Window Air Conditioner that Is Noisy

What You'll Need
Rubber gloves
Dusting cloth
Window putty
Insulation tape
Duct tape
Wooden shim

Window air conditioner is ideal for smaller rooms or for studio apartments. Window air conditioners have low initial costs and can be fitted to almost any window making it ideal for students and single persons. However, at times the air conditioner starts making odd noises disrupting your sleep and causing annoyance to others. If that is the case, go through some of the common problems and their solutions listed below.

Problem 1 – Check the Window Glass

The most common cause of noisy window air conditioner is a vibrating window glass. The compressor of the air conditioner vibrates when it is operational; this in turn causes vibrates things that it touches. Place a hand on the window glass and listen if the noise changes. If so, you have found the root cause and it can easily be fixed by keeping applying insulation tape between glass border and window frame. Applying putty on the window frame will also take care of the problem.

Problem 2 – Check the Window Sash

If you feel no change in the noise after doing the first step, then apply pressure on the window sash and listen if there is any change in the noise. If the noise alters, then fix it by inserting a wood shim between the window frame and the sash.

Problem 3 – Check the Front Panel

If these two are not the reasons, then check the screws on the front panel of the window air conditioner. If they are loose tighten them, which should probably reduce the noise. If you find it difficult to locate the screws, use a duct tape to secure the front panel.

Problem 4 – Check the Fan Blades

Switch off and unplug the machine. Remove the cabin that surrounds it. Carefully spin the fan blades and observe. If they appear unequal, carefully bend them to their original position to make them uniform. At times, the blade might touch the condenser fins. If so, bend the blades and correct them.

Problem 5 – Check the Condenser Coil Pigtail

Window air conditioner creates lot of noise if the pigtail of the condenser coil is hitting the fan housing. The pigtail is a metal piece coming out from the condenser to the condenser coil. To check this, slightly wiggle the chassis and see if the pigtail is hitting the fan housing. If so, fix it by keeping rubber foam between this pigtail and the fan housing. Fix the outer cabin of the window air conditioner, plug it back and switch on to check the reduction in the noise.

Problem 6 - Other Possible Reasons

Since window air conditioner is exposed to harsh outside environment, lot of times dirt and other debris like small plant growth gets stuck in the fan blades. Cleaning the fan blades will take care of this problem.

If none of the methods mentioned above work, then the problem might be of serious nature and may need professional assistance.