How to Repair a Window Air Conditioner that Won't Cool

Window air conditioners.
What You'll Need
Strong table
A mixture of soapy warm water and bleach
Vacuum with a brush attached
Fin comb

Window air conditioners are so significant during summer because of the hot rays of the sun that can make anyone feel its presence. A window air conditioner is smaller in size compared to central air conditioner but functions the same. This piece of equipment keeps running for many hours without interruption each day unless we fail to maintain its good working condition. Though it is just a machine, it can experience power loss if it doesn't receive proper care and maintenance. A lot of complaints will be heard from people that their window air conditioning unit is not cooling as it used to. You don’t have to carry your machine or drag it to an expensive repair store without fixing it yourself first. Maybe it only needs some personal cleaning.

Step 1 - Prepare

Take away your air window air conditioning unit’s front grill. Some may be seized by clips so you may use a knife and screwdriver if it is fastened by a screw. Before removing your air conditioning unit, make sure that it is unplugged, then lay it on a well-built table. Ask help from somebody if the unit is too heavy.

Step 2 - Clean Filter

Trace the mesh filter which envelops the radiator-like fins on the unit’s evaporator coils. Clean this using a soft, moist rag. Check for bent or broken parts.

Step 3 - Remove Molds

Window air conditioners.

Prepare a combination of soapy warm water and bleach. Get the filter and together with the grill, wash it in the mixture to remove the molds. The cooling ability of the unit is lessened if the filter is clogged. Shake off the excess liquid prior to setting your filter and grill to dry up.

Step 4 - Vacuum

With the use of a vacuum having a brush attached on it, vacuum the evaporator coils carefully to get rid of the dirt. Rotate the unit to see the other set of coils which are the appliance’s condenser coils. Eliminate the dirt using a vacuum with a brush comprehensively. With the vacuum and crevice attachment, eradicate the dirt from the fan blades and the insides of the unit.

Step 5 - Check for Bent Parts

Check if there are some fins flattened or twisted on the coils. If there is, then you have to purchase a fin comb in an appliance center and move the comb up and down to make them straight again. Examine if there are any coils that are crooked, then straighten them using the fin comb.

Step 6 - Put Back and Plug

Window air conditioner.

After the cleaning process, return everything you removed from the unit including the filter and put it back where it is situated. Plug the unit in when the grill is back in its position.