How to Repair a Wire Curtain Rod

What You'll Need
Replacement cable
Replacement anchors
Replacement turnbuckles
Replacement clips
Cable cutters
Tape measure

A wire curtain rod is an excellent way to hang curtains or wall hangings in areas where low visibility of the rod is wanted. They can accommodate larger expanses needed than what can typically be found in a traditional curtain rod. While wire curtain rods are a very appealing option for several different applications and purposes, because they involve more parts that can ultimately wear down though, they may need repair or replacement more frequently than other curtain rods. Since the wire rod is jostled pretty much any time the curtain is adjusted, this will make threaded parts wear out more quickly, or fray the cable, which can snap. Fortunately, the repair of a wire curtain rod is usually a simple and straightforward process. Here you will find the information needed to repair a wire curtain rod.

Step 1 - Inspect the Rod

First you will want to thoroughly inspect the entire rod and the hardware by which it is affixed to the walls. Identify the part that has failed. The entire set up is comprised of the components listed above. If one fails, it is usually easily replaced. However, now is a good time to replace other parts that appear to be failing or that may fail in the near future.

Step 2 - Disassemble the Rod

The first step when replacing any component of the wire curtain rod system is to release the tension on the cable so that the system can be repaired. If the cable is attached to a turnbuckle, slowly and carefully use the turnbuckle to release the tension on the wire. If the loop of cable is simply attached by a hook, you may want to consider turning the hook to release some of the tension before simply trying to remove the cable. Most cable curtain rods are tightened so that they have very taught tension in the line and the sudden release of the cable can cause serious injury. Once the cable is disengaged, you can remove any of the components for replacement.

Step 3 - Obtain Replacement Parts

Once you have identified any parts that will need to be replaced, you can obtain any of them at the local hardware or home improvement store. If cable needs to be replaced, most home improvement stores carry this in large spools and can measure and cut the needed length at the store. Take any parts that need to be replaced to the store with you. This will help to make sure that you obtain the adequate gauge of fasteners or cable, or even better. If replacing the cable, try to get plastic coated cable; this will facilitate the movement of the curtains across the cable curtain rod smoothly.

Step 4 - Reinstall Rod

When ready, reassemble the cable rod in the reverse order that it was taken apart. Reinstall the cable rod and tighten using a turnbuckle so that the cable wire is taught and there is little play when the cable is depressed.