How to Repair a Wobbly Pedestal Table Base

What You'll Need
3/8 inch drill bit
Empty matchbook
Small cardboard piece
Adjustable furniture disc
Rubber furniture disc

If you notice that your pedestal table base is wobbly, you need to fix the problem as soon as possible. Repairing the pedestal table base will definitely restore the attractive appearance of your pedestal table as well as eliminate any inconvenience caused by a wobbly table. Below is a practical way to repair a wobbly pedestal table.

Step 1 – Starting the Repairing Job

First of all, you need to flip over the pedestal table so that it will stand on its top and the pedestal base is facing the ceiling. Use the drill with the 3/8 inch bit and cut a pilot hole exactly in the points where your pedestal table touches the floor.

Step 2 – Using the Adjustable Furniture Disc

Put the adjustable furniture disc into the pilot hole through its female edge. You can make use of a hammer to secure it in place. Now, put the male edge of the furniture disc and turn it clockwise. Make sure that the disc has been inserted properly in the drilled hole.

Step 3 – Checking the Pedestal Table Base

It is now time to check the table. Put it back into its upright position and fix the furniture disc if you see that your table is still a bit wobbly. Move the furniture disc outwards until it comes in contact with the floor. Use a level to see whether the pedestal table is straight.

Step 4 - Using a Rubber Furniture Disc

If you do not wish to drill any holes in your furniture but still wish to have a steady straight table, a rubber furniture disc can come in very handy. These are smallish round rubber disc which have different thicknesses throughout its area.  Insert one under the defected leg and turn and twist it around until the table does not wobble any more.

Step 5 – Measuring the Thickness

If you are pressed for time, you can try fixing it temporarily with a cork and a knife. First of all, measure the length of the wobbly pedestal to see how thick the cork must be.

Step 6 – Using the Cork

Remove the cork of an empty wine bottle and cut it with a serrated knife. Make sure that you cut it a bit thicker than required. This is because the cork will be squeezed under the weight of your pedestal table base. Put the cork under the pedestal base, and if you notice that the pedestal is still moving, either adjust the height of the cork or use a new one. You can use this procedure to fix a wobbly chair as well.

Step 7 – Using a Small Piece of Cardboard

Another economical and fast way to fix a wobbly table base is with a small piece of cardboard. Simply fold the cardboard piece to an appropriate height and place it under the pedestal base in such a way that the table stops wobbling. Fold and adjust if needed.