How to Repair a Wood Chair Spindle

What You'll Need
Claw hammer
Glue for wood
Paint for wood

Knowing how to repair a broken chair spindle is useful task. It is an easy task if you have common sense and a little knowledge on chair structure. If you follow the steps described below, you will be able to remove the spindle from the chair, restore it and replace the spindle back into the chair within a few hours.

Step 1 – Determine the Problem

The first thing you need to do is find out where the broken piece is and where it is connected to the body of the chair. If the broken pieces are horizontally placed, they can be mortised to a top rail or spindle. If they are placed vertically they can be joined on both the bottom and top rails of the chair.

Step 2 – Removing the Back of the Chair

Once you figure out where the problem is and how the spindle is connected to the chair, you need to remove the back part of the chair. The back of the chair is usually joined with nails or screws at the seat. Use a screwdriver and claw hammer to remove the nails and screws. Be gentle and do not force the wood loose because you might damage it and cause it to crack. When you put too much pressure on the wood, you might need to replace the entire chair. Moreover, you have to be certain about the joints and connections, so as to remove only the necessary parts. Keep in mind that the more you remove, the more you will have to replace when you are done. After you remove the back of the chair, you should pull the spindle out.

Step 3 – Replacing the Spindle

Once you remove the back of the chair and the spindle you have 2 options. First, you can restore the spindle if you are good at woodworking. Sometimes, the spindle might be too damaged to be fixed, so you will need to consider a second option. You can buy a new spindle or have one made for you.

Step 4 – Place the New Spindle Back

Make sure that the adhesive is completely removed from the original part. If not, use the sandpaper and remove it. Clean the joints and add wood glue to all the connection parts. Place the parts back and hammer the nails carefully. It is best to use strap clamps to make sure that the chair is sturdy. Allow the glue to dry for 12-15 hours, at least.

Extra Tip

Stability is one of the most important factors when it comes to chairs. Make sure that the back of the chair and the spindles are properly and firmly attached before you sit. Make sure that you let the glue dry and remove any extra glue with glue remover.