How to Repair a Wooden Folding Chair

What You'll Need
New Mechanical Fasteners
Long Nose Pliers
Paint or Stain
Wooden Board

Several cases of wooden folding chair damage can occur due to improper use, long use, or accidents. To keep the folding chair in top shape, here are some repair options for the do-it-yourselfer.

Step 1 – Analyze the Damage

Analyzing the damage is crucial in the planning stage of repairs. If the chair is simply old and needs repainting, then simply prepare painting tools (paint, brush, and sandpaper). If the chair is unstable, then it can be repaired by fixing the joints. If some of the wooden parts are broken, they can be replaced by new wooden parts.

Step 2 – Repairing the Joints

To repair an unstable wooden folding chair, inspect the joints and the fasteners that hold the chair in place. If the movable joints are loose, tighten the movable fasteners with a screwdriver. To tighten the nuts on the fasteners, use long nose pliers or wrenches. Sometimes, the fasteners can become loose because the holes have become too large to hold them firmly in place. If such is the case, remove the fasteners from the chair and purchase larger ones. Install the new fasteners and tighten them firmly.

If the fasteners themselves are damaged, make sure to purchase identical fasteners for replacement. In time, fasteners lose their efficiency in securing the folding chair in place and thus need to be replaced. Take note that folding mechanism allows this to happen so make sure to do a regular check on the fasteners to avoid any accidents.

Step 3 – Repairing Broken Parts

If a part of the wooden chair has been broken, purchase a wooden board that can be cut to the correct size similar to the wooden part that needs replacing. Remove the broken wood by removing any nail or fastener securing it to the chair. Measure the dimensions of the needed replacement and transfer it to the wooden board. Cut the wooden board to size and sand it properly. Position the wooden board on the folding chair and secure it with nails or screws. If a movable fastener needs to be driven into the wooden board, drill a hole into it on the correct spot. Position the wood into the chair and install the fastener securely.

Step 4 – Repainting the Wooden Folding Chair

After long use, the paint on the chair may peel off. To preserve the chair and protect it from molds, wood rot, and decomposition problems, take time to repaint it. Remove the peeling paint using a putty knife and sand the remaining paint off. Wipe the dust off the surfaces and prime it with a water resistant primer. Allow the primer to dry first before cutting multiple coats of paint on the wooden chair surfaces. Allow the paint to dry completely. Instead of paint, you may also use wood stain as an alternative.