How to Repair an Air Conditioner Power Cord

A white portable AC isolated on a white background.
What You'll Need
Wire stripper
Wire cutter
New plug
Rubber sealant
Power cord
Electrical tape
Rubber compound

A common problem in air conditioner repair is the unit not getting any power. This resulting from a malfunctioning power cord occurs most often with portable units, but fixing the problem is quick and easy. You can even save money by knowing how to do the repair on the power cord yourself.

Step 1 - Turn the Machine Off

The first thing you need to do when working with anything having to do with electricity is to make sure everything is completely off and there is no power to the machine. If the air conditioner has been having issues with the plug, you may even want to cut the electricity to the wall unit before unplugging it in order to keep from being shocked. Once it is unplugged and completely turned off, you can start working.

Step 2 - Remove Cord

In order to make it easier to work on the power cord, you should completely remove it from the machine. This will involve removing the screws which hold the the power cord plate in place. With this gone, you will notice the cord attached on the inside with two more screws. These can be taken out and set aside once any protective coating around them has been removed. Usually, all you have to do to get rid of the coating is to simply pull it off. The rest of the cord should be easy to pull away from the machine.

Step 3 - Replace the Plug

If the plug itself is the problem, then that is all you will need to repair. Cut the old one away using wire cutters to snip the connection. You will then use wire strippers to expose a section of the wires under the rubber power cord cover. When you buy a plug from the store, it will be open and ready to install. Simply loop the wires inside the head and secure completely. Snap the plug together when you're done, making sure all exposed parts have been covered by the new plug. You may want to use a rubber sealant in order to completely enclose the wire and prevent accidents.

Step 4 - Replace the Power Cord

If there is a cut or fray in the cord, you will want to replace the cord altogether. Before you buy it, make sure the new cord has the same voltage as the old one. The required voltage will be listed on the back of the machine.

To install the power cord, simply attach it to the same screws you removed the old cord from. If the covers to the wiring were removable, you may be able to reattach them to the connections easily. If they are not removable, use black electrical tape or a rubber compound in order to seal and protect the wires. Then, finish securing the new power cord in and put the power cord plate back in place.

Flip the electricity to the outlet back on and perform a quick test with the new cord to be sure your repair was a success.