How to Repair an Electric RV Refrigerator

What You'll Need
Bubble level
Canned air

To repair an rv refrigerator you will want to go through a series of tests to check and see if the unit is broken or if it is malfunctioning because of other factors, such as being on a slope. In an rv the refrigeration is generally done through heating an ammonia and hydrogen mixture which goes through several stages to recycle and start the process all over again. In these types of units, the rv has to be sitting flat and level in order for the unit to work properly. These units generally run off of electricity or off gas and in other cases both, and in many cases it will work in one mode but not the other.

Step 1 - Check and Ensure the Rv is Level

The first thing to do to repair your rv refrigerator is to make sure that your camper is level and is not sitting on a slope or slant, as most of these units work on a flat plane. Take your bubble level and then ensure that the fridge as well as the camper itself is sitting on a flat plane for proper operation.

Step 2 - Check the Power Settings

The next thing you will want to do is switch the unit from gas power mode to electric power mode and see if it works fine in one and not the other. If it functions properly in gas but not in electric mode, then you will want to check the battery. Switch the power from 120 volt to 12 volt modes and see if there is a change in operation; doing this you may have to repair the rv refrigerator's control panel. This could be caused by a bad battery as well, and you can have it tested to ensure it is functioning properly.

Step 3 - Check the Burner

If your unit works in electric mode without any issue, and does not function in gas mode you will want to check the burner on the unit for malfunctions. You may have to repair the rv refrigerator's burner by removing the securing screw on the access panel near the side of the unit. Once the panel has been removed you will see the burner assembly, make sure that the pilot is lit, and that it stays on. If the pilot goes out, you will want to check your gas levels to make sure that there is enough fuel pressure to power the unit. If your fuel levels are fine and you still can not get the pilot to light, look for residue, or other obstructions or buildup in the burner assembly that may need to be cleaned out. Use the canned air to clear anything that may be built up in the lines as well.

Step 4 - Check for Leakages

The last thing to check in order to repair your rv refrigerator, would be looking for signs of an ammonia leak by looking for yellowish residue or powder build-up in the back of the unit. If you smell or see the yellow powder buildup, the unit will have to be replaced, as this is a fire hazard and cannot be easily fixed.