How to Repair an Ice Maker Water Line How to Repair an Ice Maker Water Line

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Ice maker water line

Fixing your ice maker can be vital if you use it regularly, and it is not very difficult to repair ice maker water lines. These parts are often repaired by experts, who know where each connection goes and needs to be checked, but you can still try to replace your ice maker if you have a replacement ice maker kit and some basic repair instructions. All you have to do is follow a few simple guidelines to get the job done quickly and easily, and the project should only take you a few hours.

Step 1 – Remove the Ice Maker

The first step is to take off the ice maker so that you can properly examine its water line. Turn off the fridge freezer at the breaker box, so there is no power supplied to it. Take out the ice maker by unscrewing the ice maker from the shelves, and then disconnecting the wires from the back of the fridge. Take off the water line by disconnecting it from both the fridge freezer itself, and the ice maker.

Step 2 – Remove the Water Line

In order to get at the water line, you will have to remove the panel from the back of the fridge freezer so that you can get at the electrical connections. Using your ice maker manual, you should be able to locate the right place for your connections, so that you can see where the line should go, Unplug in all these pieces, and then take out the water line from the front of the freezer compartment.

Step 3 – Checking the Ice Maker Water Line

Once that is completed, you will have to check your water line for signs of damage on your water line. You may notice signs of cracking or splits in the seam. These signs are rather disconcerting, so you may consider replacing it altogether. Anther option is to use duct tape around the split in your water line, or perhaps another water-proof tape. Once you have found the problem you can replace the water line in the connections at the back of the panel, and then onto the water line itself. Screw the ice maker back into place on the shelves, so that you only pull out the ice bucket when the ice maker is in operation.

Step 4 – Finishing

Before you finish the project you will have to check that your ice maker works properly. Turn the power back on at the breaker and then turn on the ice maker. You should hear a slight grumbling, and then ice will begin to form in the bucket. Leave for several hours, and then check that the ice maker has produced good ice and that the water connection is not leaking.

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