How to Repair an Outdoor Faucet with No Water Running

What You'll Need
Piping wrench
Adjustable wrench
Plumbing snake

You may need to repair an outdoor faucet because of a leak or the outdoor elements. If you live in an area that gets very cold weather, the pipes might have frozen and burst open, which could call for extremely costly repairs. To prevent this, turn off the water valve inside the home or purchase a special frost proof valve. Outdoor faucets take beatings during the summer because of their many uses, like to water the garden, the flowerbeds and the grass and to water outdoor animals. Because of its frequent uses, outdoor faucets can become clogged with dirt and sediments that can lead to problems. If your water has stopped running, follow the steps below to fix it.

Step 1 – Locate the Outdoor Faucet

Your outdoor faucet may be connected to the side or the back of the home or garage. It might also be outside as a standalone faucet located anywhere within your back yard. 

Step 2 - Check Its Water Supply

Water might stop running for a number of reasons. First, look at the source of the water supply. The solution might be as simple as having to turn on the water supply within your home or elsewhere. Could your outdoor faucet be hooked up to an outdoor supply of water, like a well? Be sure to turn off the water supply before going on to the rest of the steps below.

Step 3 - Check Unions

Another reason for lack of water could be that the pipe is clogged with sediment and debris. Keep going from one union to the next to check for blockage by using a piece of wire pushed into the hose or pipe. Continue checking the unions to narrow down where the blockage is.

Step 4 - Check the Valves

Check the gate or sluice valve to ensure that it is working properly. The gate/sluice valve opens by lifting a gate or wedge out the pathway of the fluid within the pipes. Gate valves are typically designed to be fully open or close. When it is fully open, there is no obstruction in the flow of water.

Step 5 - Check for an Obstruction

Within the pipes leading into the home there may be an obstruction that is causing the complete blockage. This will require the use of a plumbing snake. You can rent this piece or purchase one at any hardware supply store. Once you’ve narrowed down where the block is you will need to use a chemical drain cleaner or use a wire, such as a bent hanger, to remove the debris.