How to Repair an Overflowing Toilet How to Repair an Overflowing Toilet

What You'll Need
Toilet gloves

An overflowing toilet is a problem with which we have all been faced at one time or another, one which can be a pain to repair. Fortunately, the next time you encounter an overflowing toilet, you can utilize the following steps and remedy the problem in a timely fashion.

Step 1 - Watch Your Water Levels

The first thing to do when faced with an overflowing toilet is to keep a watchful eye on your toilet's water levels. In many cases, the problem will correct itself in a matter of minutes, but if this turns out to not be the case, the toilet will need to be plunged. Additionally, take care to abstain from flushing the toilet, as this will only increase the water levels and make the problem even worse.

Step 2 - Plunge the Toilet Bowl

If the water levels have not subsided, don a pair of toilet gloves and place your plunger into the overflowing toilet bowl. Once the plunger has been properly positioned, proceed to vigorously plunge the toilet for several minutes, after which you will need to remove the plunger in order to check on the toilet's water levels. If the water levels appear to be subsiding, continue plunging until they have returned to normal.

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