How to Repair an RV Waste Tank

What You'll Need

If you find that you have damage to your RV waste tank, also known as a black tank, then you will need to repair this quickly before you develop health problems. The black tank is the one which is reserved for the sewage from the RV, including any human waste. This means that any leak, or other problem, can quickly become a serious health risk. Repairing the tank is not very difficult.

Step 1 - Assess the Damage

Most causes of RV waste tank leakage are damaged valves. These can easily be replaced and will save you some hard work. If the valves are not the problem, but instead you have a cracked tank, this is also easy to repair. The only thing that you should not try and fix is a ruptured tank, which is when a tank completely splits in half. This is usually caused by an explosion, and the damage will be too severe to fix.

Step 2 - Fix a Crack

Soak up all of the waste in the tank using some sawdust. You should then smooth out the sides of the crack using some sandpaper. Add acetone to the edges of the crack, cleaning it thoroughly. Apply a specialized sealant, available at most repair shops, and leave it to dry. Wipe down the edges with a cloth to remove excess sealant.