How to Repair Architectural Roof Shingles

What You'll Need
Architectural roof shingles
Tin Snips
Utility Knife
Roof Tar
Claw hammer
Roofing Nails
Tape Measure

If you have some architectural roof shingles on your house, then you can be quite secure in the knowledge that they are exceedingly durable, and are most unlikely to be damaged. If you get a severe storm, or the tiles are hit by something, then you can perform a simple repair by either attaching a fresh strip of shingles to the area that has been damaged, or replace just one on its own by cutting it from the strip. If you want to do this yourself, you can manage it yourself in a few hours:

Step 1 - Clean and Examine the Roof

Once you are ready to begin, take some soapy water and a brush up onto the roof, and scrub the area of the roof that has been damaged. This will help to remove any parts of the roof that are seriously damaged, and allow you to fully assess how many of the tiles are broken beyond repair. You should look at each of the tiles as you clean them, and examine the shingles for cracks and other serious problems. Once you have done this, you are ready to start replacing your tiles.

Step 2 - Perform a Patch

If you would like to keep the tiles that have been damaged, the simplest way to do this is to perform a quick repair. Remove any damaged areas of tile from the shingle, and then cut out another of your architectural roof shingles to the same size, plus an inch and a half. This can be done using the tin snips to carefully cut around the edge of the tile. Do this slowly in order not to damage the patch. Apply roofing tar to the tile which has been broken, and then press the patch down over the hole, making sure that the hole is fully covered all the way around. Hold it in place until the roofing tar has begun to dry, and then leave for 24 hours. You can then add a second layer of roofing tar around the patch, along with some caulk to prevent water penetration.

Step 3 - Remove the Broken Tiles

If you have a significant amount of damage to your tiles, then your best solution is to remove them completely, and replace them with a new tile. You will have to pull out the shingles using the claw from your claw hammer. Prise the tile off using your utility knife, and discard. You can then replace it by fitting a new tile into position, and tapping it into place with a roofing nail. Add a layer of roofing tar around the edge of the shingle, to hold it in place, and caulk around the connections between it and the adjoining tiles. This will help you to secure your tile.