How to Repair Boat Window Tint How to Repair Boat Window Tint

It is possible to repair a boat window tint in much the same way that you would repair the window tint in a car. Virtually anyone can repair the damaged part of a boat window tint: all that is needed is some spare time and some car tint film. Removing and replacing damaged boat window tint is easy if you take a few precautions, and have patience enough to follow a few simple steps.

Repair Boat Window Tint

You will have to moisten the damaged part of the boat window tint, carefully removing all of the tinted film that is marked. Draw a square around the damaged area, slice around the damaged section with a razor blade or cutting knife, and then lift a corner of the sliced area. Lift up the damaged boat window tint and surrounding square, clean the glass inside the damaged area, making sure that all traces of the old tint have been removed. When this has been done, replace with some new tinted film. Trim the new film down to match the area that has been removed, and then press into the space. Once you have placed on the new film, smooth it down with a damp sponge, taking care to eliminate any bubbles that remain.


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