How to Repair Broken Birdbath Bowls

What You'll Need
Dishwashing detergent
Scrub brush
Clean, dry rags
Concrete epoxy
Mixing stick such as popsicle stick
Large clamp

A concrete birdbath can add charm and entertainment to your garden or lawn, but as durable as concrete is, a birdbath bowl can break. Even a bowl that has been broken in half can be repaired. If you need to repair your birdbath bowl, follow the steps below.

Step 1 - Empty and Move

Empty your birdbath of any water it may still contain, and remove all loose dirt and debris. Most concrete birdbaths have a separate bowl that can be lifted off the base. Take the birdbath bowl indoors to a workshop, garage or cellar. Your concrete epoxy will provide recommended temperature ranges, so be sure your work area is warm enough for the epoxy to dry and cure according to package directions.

Step 2 - Clean

Fill your bucket with warm water and several squirts of detergent. Use the scrub brush to thoroughly clean the birdbath bowl. Change to fresh water, and use your sponge to rinse and wipe down the birdbath bowl until it is free of soap suds and completely clean. Allow the birdbath bowl to dry completely for several hours or overnight.

Step 3 - Mix Epoxy

Read the package directions on your concrete epoxy container for any specific details pertinent to the brand, especially curing time and temperature. The epoxy will include 2 components: the resin and hardener. Mix these together in equal amounts on the cardboard, using the mixing stick. Stir gently and try not to create air bubbles in the epoxy as you mix it up.

Step 4 - Apply Epoxy

Again using your mixing stick, apply the epoxy generously to the edges of the break. Be sure to follow package directions regarding working time and how quickly the epoxy sets up, and work within those guidelines. Match the broken pieces of your birdbath bowl together, and hold them in place for several minutes until the epoxy begins to set.

Step 5 - Clamp

Depending on the nature of the break in your birdbath bowl, it may be necessary to use a large clamp to stabilize the bowl while curing. If the bowl was broken in half, a clamp is a good idea. Place the bowl on a flat surface, and fasten the clamp across the bowl in a perpendicular direction across the area of the bond.

Step 6 - Clean Up

Use your clean, dry rags to wipe any excess epoxy away from the birdbath bowl surface.

Step 7 - Cure

The cement epoxy directions will recommend a curing time, most likely 24 hours or more. Allow your birdbath bowl repair to cure completely before moving it back outside into the elements.