How to Repair Broken Sanded Grout

What You'll Need
Grout float

Sanded grout that is broken can have an unattractive appearance. The gaps will allow water to collect inside and make the tile surfaces weak. If the sanded grout becomes broken or cracked, it is best to repair this as soon as possible. Grout can be patched up in the broken areas without having to grout the entire surface all over again. 

Step 1 – Apply Grout

After mixing a grout mix and water, sprinkle water on the grout lines and wipe the excess off with a sponge or cloth. Apply a thin layer of grout on the cracks just enough to fill them. The thicker the crack, the more grout you may need to reapply. Use your grout float to spread the grout over the tiles and broken areas. Make sure the cracks or breaks are not visible after applying. 

Step 2 – Cleanup from the Repair

When you have finished repairing all of the cracks, it is always best to use a separate bucket of water or a container to rinse out your sponges or cloths. Rinsing these in your sink can cause the grout to clog up your pipes when it settles and becomes hard.