How to Repair Cabinet Door Edges

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  • 2-4 hours
  • Beginner
  • 0-100
What You'll Need
Hand planer
Wood putty
Scrap wood
Jig saw
Wood glue

There will come a time when a cabinet door will need some repair to the door itself. These repairs can be to the face of the door, the hinges, or even the panel. At times, the edges of the door may need to the repaired to give it back its even lines and presentation.

Repairing your cabinet door edges requires a lot of patience and a steady hand. With some basic woodworking skills and tools, you will be able to restore your cabinet door to like-new condition.

Remove Cabinet Door

With a screwdriver, unscrew the hinges from the cabinet face. Once the door is off the cabinet, you can then remove the hinges from the cabinet door.

Inspect Damage

You might just need to add some wood putty to the edge and smooth it out. At other times you will need to plane the wood and cut off a piece of replacement wood. Find out exactly what you need to do before getting out the tools.

Plane Side of Wood

With the hand planer, scrape off the loose ends of wood and get a smooth, straight surface to work on.

Measure Gap

After you plane the wood you will have a gap from the top to the bottom of the cabinet door. Place the door on a flat surface and use a length of string to help you figure out the angle. Place the end of the string on the edge of the door that has the most material. Stretch it out in a straight line. Measure the distance from the top edge of the door to the string.

Cut Replacement Wood

Set your wood on the work table and transfer the dimensions onto it. Cut out the wood with a jig saw and sand it smooth.

Glue to Cabinet Door

Apply a bead of glue along the entire length of the cabinet door edge. Set the replacement piece on the cabinet and clamp together.

Sand off Glue

Once the glue has dried, use the sander to sand off the excess glue. Make it flush with the wood, without removing any more of the cabinet door surface.

Apply Putty

Apply wood putty along the seam or any gouges that did not come out during the planning. Once the putty dries, you can sand it off to give the cabinet door a smooth surface.

Paint Cabinet Door

After the door has been sanded and wiped down, paint it with the color of the cabinet door.