How to Repair Canvas Window Awnings

What You'll Need
Damp cloth
Dry cloth
Canvas patch
Vinyl repair glue
Acrylic paint
Paint brush
Water repellent spray

Canvas window awnings are used to keep the sun and dirt from the window. The use of awnings can lower your cooling bill by not allowing direct sunlight to shine through the window in the summer. Sometimes the awnings tear and need repair. Repairing the awning is easy to do and cost effective. You can make a simple repair in a matter of minutes with the right materials. 

Step 1 - Inspect the Canvas

Get up on the ladder and take a look at the tear or hole in the canvas. Gently try pulling the tear or hole further to see if it easily rips. If it does, you will need to buy a new awning. If it does not tear further you can continue the repair.  Wipe down the canvas with a damp cloth on the inside and out to remove loose dirt. Then wipe down with a dry cloth and let it dry for a few minutes.

Step 2 - Cut Patch

Cut the canvas patch to the side of the hole.  If it is a long tear, cut the canvas in a rectangle shape. If it is a circular hole or other shape, cut the canvas in a square shape.  Make sure you cut the canvas patch so the edge is extended about 1/2-inch from the tear or hole. This will allow room for glue.

Step 3 - Glue Patch

Apply vinyl repair glue to the outer perimeter of the patch. Place the patch on the inside of the canvas. Use one hand over the patch on the inside of the awning and the other hand on the other side of the canvas to press firmly. Let the glue dry according to the directions.  It is best to apply the glue in good weather because you don't want the newly repaired canvas getting rained on. 

Step 4 - Paint Canvas

You probably couldn't find the same pattern canvas material as your window canvas, so it needs to be painted. Use acrylic paint that matches the colors on the awning as close as possible. If it is multiple colors make sure you buy all the colors needed. Using your paint brush, apply the paint to the outside of the canvas on the patch. Paint the patch the same as the pattern. If the canvas is striped, continue the stripe. If the placement of the awning is a high traffic area where others will walk under it, you may want to paint the inside of the patch as well so it blends better. Let the paint dry according to directions.

Step 5 - Waterproof Patch

Make sure that all loose dirt has been removed from the canvas again. You will want to waterproof the patch area of the canvas to protect it from the weather and keep the paint looking fresh. Even if you have previously waterproofed the canvas, you can redo it now. Use the water repellent spray all over the inside and outside of the canvas. Waterproofing your canvas will make it last longer.