How to Repair Ceramic Brake Pads Rotors How to Repair Ceramic Brake Pads Rotors

What You'll Need
Car jack
Tire iron
Lubricant and cleaner spray
Replacement rotor
Replacement brake pad
Wooden blocks

In order to repair your brake pads or rotors, the best method is simply to replace them with another brake pad. This is true of ceramic brake pads as much as any other kind of brake pad that you may encounter. Brake pads and rotors are some of the most complicated parts of the brake system. If you are worried that they may have sustained any damage, then the best way to repair your brakes is to completely replace both of these items. The brake rotors can sometimes become damaged beyond repair and the quickest way to get driving safely again is just to remove these two items and replace them at the same time.

Step 1 -  Prepare the Car

In order to get access to your ceramic brake pads and rotors, you will need to raise the car using a car jack. In a garage, you would expect the car to be raised on a lift, but at home you can use simple metal jacks. Make sure that you place jack stands below the jacks before you begin raising the car and put wooden or rubber blocks behind the back wheels to prevent them slipping once you raise the car up.

Step 2 - Remove the Wheel and Brake Parts

Using your tire iron, remove the wheel from the car and place it to the side. Take off the caliper bolts using your wrench and place these on a piece of newspaper. The bit that you are pulling the caliper away from is the rotor so you need to get these parts away from the car before you can begin replacing the rotor. Take off the brake pads and discard.

Step 3 - Remove the Rotor

You will then want to remove the rotor from the car. Unscrew the bolts holding the rotor onto the car and use some lubricant if they seem stiff. You can use a hammer to knock the rotor bolts away from the inside of the wheel if you have any trouble.

Step 4 - Replace the Rotor

Take the new rotor out of the packaging and give it a light spray of brake cleaning fluid and wipe it away with a rag. This is to ensure that the rotor is as clean as possible and that there is no dirt to interfere with the brake system. Put the rotor onto the wheel bolts, ensuring that the part shaped like a top hat faces outwards. Screw it into position.

Step 5 - Add the New Brake Pads

Take your replacement brake pads and place them on the edge of the caliper. Use a vise to make sure that the piston on the edge of the caliper is fully open as it will probably be closed from contact with the old brake pad. Reattach the caliper to the wheel using the wrench and then replace the wheel. Repeat on the other side and remove the car from the jack.

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