How to Repair Chips in a Ceramic Cooktop

A ceramic cooktop.
  • 1 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 45
What You'll Need
Ceramic cooktop warranty
Ceramic sealer

A ceramic cooktop is one of the more popular choices for cooktop surfaces. Ceramic is made from a hard, brittle material. It is a man-made material, and it is used for many different applications such as tile, figurines, tableware, and cooktop surfaces. Ceramic objects and materials come in many colors, designs, patterns, and textures. It is a great durable material for cooktop surfaces but because of its hard and sometimes brittle composition, it can crack or chip. Here is how you can do to repair the chips in your ceramic cooktop.

Step 1 - Check the Product Warranty

Before you begin to try and repair your ceramic cooktop, pull out the manual and the warranty paperwork. If the ceramic cooktop is still under warranty, call the manufacturer or call the warranty company. Do not touch or try and repair the ceramic cooktop if it is under warranty. Servicing and trying to fix your ceramic cooktop, may void some or all the terms.

Step 2 - Use Glue for Small or Large Chips

If your cooktop chipped in one section or even in just a couple sections and if the ceramic cooktop did not shatter, you may be able to glue the pieces back in place. In order for this to work, the chipped piece of ceramic must fit snuggly back into place. When you place the missing ceramic piece, you should only visibly see a small hairline crack. You should not see any gaps or pieces that need to be filled. Pull out the bond or glue and fix the chipped piece to the hard ceramic surface. If the chipped piece is too small for your fingers, hold it between a pair of tweezers as you set it firmly back into place. Wipe a bit of ceramic sealer over the fixed piece. Allow the compound to dry for at least 24 hours.

Step 3 - Buff Scratches

To take care of small and large scratches in your ceramic cooktop, take a ceramic buffer and buff out the scratches. It may take more than one application to correct and dull the scratches. Add a ceramic sealer after you are satisfied with the results. Allow it to dry 24 to 48 hours.

Step 4 - Hire a Ceramic Restorer

If you have many cracks, chips, and problems with your ceramic cooktop, you may want to find a professional ceramic restorer. Call the manufacturer — sometimes they have a preferred list of contractors. Ask for pictures that show samples of their work. The samples should show before conditions of the ceramic cooktop and after conditions. This demonstrates the extent of repairs and the level of success the professional has had at repairing chips in ceramic cooktops. As a last resort, you can go into a building supply store or call around to local contractors and find which ones they prefer.