How to Repair College Dorm Room Furniture Damage

Repairing college dorm room furniture yourself will help you save money. Here are a few simple fixes. They require the items you can easily find at your local big box store, or will have on hand.


Cover scratches with a good-quality furniture polish. The polish is available for light or dark-toned woods. You can also cut a walnut in half to release the oils and rub it over a light scratch. Another way to cover scratches are crayons. You can get a near-perfect color match by using two or more crayons. Fill in the scratch, and then buff lightly.

Water Ring Stains

Remove water rings by cleaning with a mixture of equal parts toothpaste and mayonnaise. You can also cover the ring with a thick cloth and press with a warm iron. Keep the iron on the cloth so you don’t burn the surface. Finish up with an application of orange oil or lemon oil with any type of removal method you use.

Cracks or Chips

Fill cracks, or chips, with wood putty. You can find the putty is available in a variety of colors. Apply it with a plastic knife, using a little extra to allow for shrinkage. Allow the putty to dry and sand smooth with an emery board.